Want to invest in real estate, but not sure where to start?
We'll give you our exact proven methods for buying your first property and/or scaling your portfolio of properties...even if you have no money to invest, little spare time, no credit, and no experience.

We're David and Katie Marie Hughes, Founders of Simplified Investing. 
Over the past 15 years, we've acquired 73 rental properties, valued at over 
$10 million dollars, all on a part-time basis. 
These properties pump out multiple six figures a year in rental income. 
We purchased most of these properties with no money out of our pocket. Every one of these properties have been very profitable. We have never lost money on any deal because of our proven process. Because of these income-pumping properties, we've been able to live a limitless life full time for many years now, and we love helping others do the same!

More importantly...we've helped many students radically change their financial situation by utilizing or process, collaborative leveraging.

 Needless to say, this has changed our life, the lives of many others...
and it can change yours, too!

Through our coaching, you can leverage everything we've learned through the years to accelerate your life from where you're at to where you'd love to be!
We have Coaching Programs that can help you achieve all of your dreams and beyond, like it has for us and so many others!

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If you’re ready to learn everything you can about real estate investing, We're ready to teach you!
If you’ve ever been interested in real estate but aren't sure where to start, don’t think you have enough money or time, or you don’t believe you have the knowledge or experience…

Don’t worry. we've got your back and we'll show you exactly how to land your first (or next) deal!
Here are some of the things you will learn from us:
  • The exact strategies we've used to acquire over $10 million worth of properties on a part-time basis.
  • Where to find the greatest real estate deals at the deepest discounts.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of first-time investors.
  • How to pull cash out of your property, tax-free.
  • Where to find an agent that will work FOR you.
  • How to assess each property for the highest potential profit and cash flow.
  • Where to get funding, even if you have no money to invest.
  • Which price points and parameters to look for in each deal.
  • How to make an offer that positions you to make the most profit.
  • How to get the best deals on remodels.
  • How to rent out your property the right way.
  • How to maximize your monthly cash flow 
  • How to acquire properties on seller financing

    ...and much more!
If you want to learn everything you need to get your first (or next) property, we're ready to help you!

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Check Out Our Student Success Stories!!

Student Success Stories!!

Michael Tucker - Server At a Restaurant & Ministry Volunteer
Since joining SI, Michael has gone from serving tables with $100 to his name to now making many multiple six figures per year!

Marvin Mitchell - Financial Advisor
"A year ago I had conversations with David about real estate and since then I've acquired 100 doors in multiple states!"
"David is a good guy, him and his wife, so listen to them."

Tom & Alicia Carter - Law Enforcement & Interior Designer/AirBnB Host
Since joining SI, they've already acquired their first ever investment property which is projected to produce over $250K/year in profit. They've also acquired another incredible property. The story in the video below is a MUST SEE!!

Bryan & Darci Kowalczyk - Pastor/School Teacher & Nurse
First deal they acquired since joining SI is projected to produce over $800K/year!

Adam & Kaci Santos - Business Owner & Career Services
Through the SI coaching, Kaci was able to leave her dream job for her dream life!

Renate Flynn - Nurse
Left her nursing job because of her first investment property!
DJ & Jamie Francis - Automotive Service & Caregiver
Have already acquired their first ever investment property..which was a turnkey rental property generating $8K/year profit!
Kal & Becca Swarna - Hospitality & Children's Pastor
Another powerful example of life-changing results with their first property!
Chelsey McKinnley - Childhood Development Teacher
$18K/year PROFIT on her FIRST DEAL!
Joetta, Beaver - Retired Public School Teacher
Has already purchased her first rental house since joining SI!
Phil Hochstetler - Construction Worker & Self Employed
Have acquired 12 rental units that produce $36K/year...in just their FIRST YEAR as an SI student!
Kathy Richey - Realtor & Real Estate Investor
DOUBLED her investment portfolio in just ONE YEAR with the help of David & Katie Marie!

Video testimonials from some of our students:

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